Wellness Consultations and Whole Health Care

I provide virtual wellness consultations and in office care for those who have had chronic health concerns and for those desiring to optimize their health.

I have found health arises from three major factors. Your genes, your gastro-intestinal system and how you handle stress.

I look to provide assessments for your genes and gastro-intestinal system to address these areas.

I also offer a community health education class entitled, “How to Master Stress and Fulfill your Life.” This presentation provides the essentials in addressing and handling the stresses we each encounter in our lives. The elements of this talk are also woven into the care I provide.

I have put this all together in a program called, “WHOLE HEALTH CARE.”

CARE is for the following:

C               Caring to understand

A               Assessing to know

R               Recommending to help

E                Encouraging to greater health

I offer individual telehealth and  in office sessions as well as more extended programs.

If what I have written  appeals to you I invite you to give me a call. Initially I find it helpful just to have a conversation together to see if it would be right for us to work together.

Call 404-316-7081 or email at drsteveventola@mindspring.com to have that conversation with me. I look forward to it.

Personal Invitation Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ov3EX1aJ_WU

Office Location

1955 Cliff Valley Way Suite 205

Atlanta, GA 30319

2 Responses to Wellness Consultations and Whole Health Care

  1. Mary Principe says:

    Are you the chiropractor who took over for Dr. Gardner? I am searching for a proper number for the Gardner Wellness Center and wonder if it is still operating. I see a new address on N. Peachtree Rd. but cannot find a phone number that works.
    I am looking for laser treatments for Synthroid intolerance.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Mary,
    I was at Dr. Gardner’s office after he passed away. I continue to see a number of his patients and am glad to do so. I also have the laser he utilized to help with a variety of conditions. Feel free to call me at 404 316 7081. I am located at 1955 Cliff Valley Way Suite 205 Atlanta Ga 30329.

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