The framework of my 1 to 1 patient Whole Health CARE is the following:

C               Caring to understand

A               Assessing to know

R               Recommending to help

E                Enfoldment

I offer virtual  and  in office sessions.

You can contact me at 404-316-7081 or email at drsteveventola@mindspring.com

Personal Invitation Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ov3EX1aJ_WU

Office Location

1955 Cliff Valley Way Suite 205

Atlanta, GA 30319

2 Responses to WHOLE HEALTH CARE

  1. Mary Principe says:

    Are you the chiropractor who took over for Dr. Gardner? I am searching for a proper number for the Gardner Wellness Center and wonder if it is still operating. I see a new address on N. Peachtree Rd. but cannot find a phone number that works.
    I am looking for laser treatments for Synthroid intolerance.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Mary,
    I was at Dr. Gardner’s office after he passed away. I continue to see a number of his patients and am glad to do so. I also have the laser he utilized to help with a variety of conditions. Feel free to call me at 404 316 7081. I am located at 1955 Cliff Valley Way Suite 205 Atlanta Ga 30329.

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