Chiropractic Wisdom

  “Life is the expression of tone.” In that sentence is the basic principle of Chiropractic. Tone is the normal degree of nerve tension. Tone is expressed in function by normal elasticity, activity, strength and excitability of the various organs as observed in a state of health. Consequently, the cause of disease is any variation of tone – nerves too tense or too slack.”D. D. Palmer, The Chiropractor’s Adjuster, 1910.D.D.’s dedication written in The Chiropractor’s Adjustor:“To all who long to elevate the human race by freeing it from ignorance, traditional prejudice, superstition and the pernicious delusions of the superiority of drug medication and the necessity of surgical mutilation, and especially to those who desire to know the best method of removing the unnatural and unnecessary condition called disease.”

The following are excerpts from a talk given by fellow chiropractor and mentor, William H. (Bill) Bahan.

“As chiropractors we approach the physical level and we seek to remove the interference to life’s expression. First of all, that basic premise is the strength of chiropractic, the premise that there is an interference to life’s expression which is causing the problem. By the way, it’s not just the cause of the physical problem when a patient shows up, it’s a cause of all of mankind’s problems: there is an interference to the expression of life.

“First of all, everyone who comes into our office for help comes in because there’s an interference to life’s expression. That’s all disease is; that’s all sickness is. It isn’t anything of itself. It is the absence of life in expression, that’s all. And if life is dammed off we have the manifestation of ill conditions. We put names on them and make a big deal out of nothing, but it is just the interference to life’s expression.

“The emotional realm is the primary area where we have interference to life’s expression. By the way, here’s the primary area where vertebral subluxations occur.”

The following article is also by Dr. Bill Bahan.

“Through the years in my service to those who have come to me, I often heard the statement expressed by them, “Life seems to be slipping away from me.” Actually, it wasn’t life that was slipping away from the person, but the person who was slipping away from life. It has interested me as to what the person was doing in his so-called living that was moving him away from the source of life.

“Chiropractically we have called this source ‘Innate Intelligence,’ which was that part of Universal Intelligence resident within the person. We have further stated that Innate Intelligence is constantly giving to matter its qualities and characteristics. This is a sound premise. The person’s true identity centers in Innate Intelligence, and the qualities and characteristics of Innate are the person’s true nature. Each person has the responsibility, in identity with Innate, to give these qualities and characteristics to what is called ‘matter.’ Should the person be identified with other qualities and characteristics than those that are true of Innate, then this sets up within the person a conflict pattern, producing an internal concussion of forces which in turn is the basic cause of all vertebral subluxations.

“In chiropractic circles it has often been stated that the cause of the subluxation was a violent external concussion of forces. It may be recognized that this certainly is a factor, but for those who have the opportunity of serving thousands who come to them in need, it is very vivid that the internal concussion of forces is the basic cause of subluxations.

“Innate Intelligence is the positive center of all life within the person, and the outer facilities of body, mind and emotional capacity of man should rightly be negative or responsive to Innate, or that positive center. If the outer facilities are responsive—primarily through the mental and emotional realms—to the external environment, this fact sets up a condition of the facilities being positive toward their greater positive, Innate, and two positives repel each other. In this state the patient reports, “Life seems to be slipping away from me.”

“Chiropractors must have a clear understanding of the laws of Innate and of what occurs when an internal concussion of forces is created within the patient. Of course, if the Chiropractor himself is violating the laws of Innate, his service to others will be limited. We can’t give what we haven’t got.

“This brief description of what creates an internal concussion opens a wide field of consideration, which we might entitle ‘Innate Psychiatry.’ As the Chiropractor is concerned, rightly, in checking the physical habits of the patient, such as posture, etc., to see that those habits are not producing subluxations, he must also, if his service is to be entire, do all that is necessary to assist the patients, according to their response, to remove this factor of the internal concussion of forces, the conflict between Innate and Educated. Innate and Educated are, in truth, one; and when that oneness is a fact we have ease and order within the person which radiates outward.

“If healing is to come it must be in the whole person: body, mind and emotional realm. All of this falls within the realm of the basic definition of Chiropractic, that it is truly a philosophy, science and art of things natural; and health, happiness and wholeness is the truly natural state.”