I would invite you to attend this Sunday’s Master Stress with HeartMath session to help you find greater calm and health in your life.

Here is a quotation from Dr. Tom O’Bryan’s You can Fix Your Brain Book—

“As a medical student, Hans Selye observed that patients suffering from different diseases often exhibited identical signs and symptoms, in his words, they were “stressed.” …He was the first to identify that excess stress wears your body out and causes disease. Dr. Selye showed how arthritis, stroke, and heart disease are all affected by a stress-induced, overworked, and worn out sympathetic nervous system.

When overused, the thin sympathetic nerves literally start to burn out, Hans Selye told us the (thicker) parasympathetic nerves are supposed to be running 90 to 95 percent of the time.

When the parasympathetic nervous system is dominant, we have deep breathing, relaxed muscles, good digestion, and a calm mind.

When the sympathetic nervous system is dominant we have shallow breathing, an increased heart rate, tight, tense muscles, limited digestive ability; and an alert, anxious mind,

Which of these two descriptions sounds more like the way you live?

The problem is that we are living in a constant state of stress, so we are collectively stuck in a sympathetic-dominant state.”

Attend this Sunday our Master Stress with HeartMath session at 2 PM EST to realize more how to keep your nervous system in balance.

Be glad to have you participate!!!

Dr. Steve

Join in with the Master Stress with HeartMath Meetup to attend the session.

Here is the link to join: https://www.meetup.com/Master-Stress-with-HeartMath/events/tvlrmmyccnbfb/