“I found out that I have diabetes and I went to a medical doctor and naturally  they wanted to give me drugs. I told the doctor that I have a reaction to drugs. I came to see Dr. Ventola and he started me on a natural approach regiment and now my diabetes is under control and I am drug free.”

– Richard W.

“In April my son began showing signs of having a nervous tick. First with extreme blinking then with sounds (a continuous humph sound) then he began to shrug his shoulders, it was heart breaking as his Mom to see this developing in my other wise very healthy, happy, bright little boy.

Over a six week period Evan had  3 visits with Dr. Steve and began taking remedies for his tick. Today after our 3rd visit the ticks are all but gone!”

– Pam H.

“I came in very sluggish, not sleeping well, not able to handle daily stresses well, easily frustrated.

I’m already feeling much better. I’m sleeping better, able to handle everyday routine better, I’m more awake when I am awake and sleep soundly. ( I have not slept well in many years!)

This improvement in well-being has helped me become more efficient at work. I’m better able to concentrate on projects and am remembering details much better.”

– Barbara B.

“I have felt better these last few weeks than I have in the last two years. I don’t feel pain in my shoulders like I had been constantly. Dr. Ventola’s approach is very different from all the other providers I have seen about my pain—no pounding or abrupt moves on my spine or neck. This is a much better way of treating my pain and preventing it from coming back.”

– Diane M.

“No back pain, energy level is significantly higher, 7 pounds weight loss.”

– Bruce S.

“Now I can walk again and the pain is almost gone.”

– Collie C.

“Dr. Ventola has been really the answer for me. My chronic back pain is GONE and I live a higher quality of life because of his care.”

– Linda L.

“I sought care with Dr. Ventola for not only my physical needs but for my emotional health as well. With the help of Dr. Ventola’s HeartMath Program, my ability to handle the stresses of daily life improved greatly. Those closest to me have noticed how I am much calmer and react to life’s challenges in a much more positive way. I shudder to think where I would be today both physically and emotionally without having Dr. Ventola guiding me through life at this time. If a friend was truly interested in obtaining optimal physical and emotional well-being, I would strongly urge the person to seek Dr. Ventola’s help.”

-Robin M.

1. Why did you seek care with Dr. Ventola?

“I was underweight, suffering from stress, digestive issues, and food sensitivities.”

2. What changed in your life after having care with Dr. Ventola

“My stress levels have decreased, my gut health has improved, and I am more grounded mentally and physically.”

3. How have your changes affected the lives of those around you?

“I hope that it has made me an easier person to be around!”

4. Considering where you are now with your experience of health what may you have missed out on if you had not seen Dr. Ventola?

“I would’ve missed out on Dr. Ventola’s compassionate and intuitive approach to whole-health healing.”

5. What would you say to a friend who asked you for your thoughts about seeing Dr. Ventola?

“I would highly recommend Dr. Ventola to a friend who is interested in improving their health and overall mental well-being.”

– Canyon R.