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At our Chiropractic office in Atlanta, we believe that the pursuit for optimal wellness is an active process of making choices toward a more healthy existence.

We strive for objectivity in nutritional healthcare and provide clear chiropractic options in structural healthcare. We help Atlanta residents reach optimum health, so they can reach their fullest potential in life.

In addition, we provide online services to individuals living beyond the boundaries of the Atlanta area.

Recent Newsletters

A Letter of Thanks to Share With You (September 23, 2021)

I appreciate you reading and considering my writings week after week. It has been a pleasure to have you all in mind as I compose them. Here is a note I received recently: "Good Morning, Dr Steve! You have become a prolific writer and your experiences with your health...

Something to Consider (September 16, 2021)

I am thinking about starting an online “For Our Greater Health Group Program.” It is for wellness-oriented people like you challenged by the maladies and stress the world is facing these days and instead want to create more well-being personally and for all of us!...

Unconquerable Life Prevails (September 11, 2021)

Amidst the world today thought you would appreciate this:    Thus It Is From age to age Love’s word rings forth, “The truth is true and all is well, Unconquerable life prevails.” – Martin Exeter For our greater health, Dr. Steve

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