ADHD & Nutrition

Are you looking for a different perspective for you or your child’s ADD or ADHD symptoms?

A variety of symptoms could be classified as characteristics of ADD or ADHD, but do you really need to medicate? There are many ways to approach these symptoms naturally.

It’s widely supported that ADHD is a neurologic disorder. The brain is highly sensitive to environmental exposures like the toxic elements lead, mercury, arsenic and aluminum as well as other dangerous chemicals and pesticides. Studies have shown that lead in particular can cause lower IQ levels, learning disabilities and hyperactive behavior.

Digestive issues like food allergies and intolerances, poor diet, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and overall poor digestive function can also play a part with ADHD symptoms.

To determine if your symptoms are being caused or escalated by environmental influences, contact your Science Based Nutrition Provider today. Through diagnostic testing such as blood work and testing for the presence of chemical or toxic heavy metals, we can determine any underlying conditions and nutritional deficiencies then recommended a diet and vitamin regimen to safely cleanse toxins out and build vitamin and mineral stores. In many cases, beginning behavior changes could be seen in as little as a few weeks.