Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling that something is missing?

It’s not that you’re depressed, you’re just dissatisfied with your life…and you can’t quite put your finger on why.

 Life satisfaction and fulfillment come from being in touch with your core values and acting upon them with alignment.

When you’re out of touch with your core values, it’s hard to be truly happy. It’s hard to be satisfied with life because you’re not moving in the direction of your inner compass.

It’s understandable. After all, your parents, friends, religious organizations, and society at large try to create our values for us. They all tell us how we “should” act, what we “should” believe, and they use these “shoulds” to try to shape our life and our values.

There’s nothing wrong with this, per se. After all, the people who love you certainly mean well. They give you these values to help you live a good life.

The trouble comes when what you’re supposed to believe is at odds with what you truly believe. This is when you feel like something is missing or has gone astray, and it keeps you from getting where you want to go.

I want to help you discover your TRUE values. I want to help you move towards a more fulfilled, aligned, and joyful life that’s uniquely yours.  

Introducing my new Self-Study Coaching program:

What Matters Most—Your Compass in Life 


Though this self-directed home study program, your eyes will be opened to new discoveries such as…

  • How to find and align with your true values in any situation
  • How to minimize drama and maximize success
  • How your values can open the doors to health and fulfilling relationships
  • How to develop a sound 3-part value system

Millions of people from all races, religion, cultures and educational backgrounds go through life being unaware of their core values, only to find themselves feeling confused, anxious, and stressed out, not knowing why.

But when people take time to discover what they truly value, their lives change. Suddenly they can attract what they desire because their actions are in alignment with what matters most.

That’s why I’m offering What Matters Most—Your Compass in Life. If you want help to find the truth you already have inside you, this self-study program was created for you.

Simply click the link to access your personal copy of this program.  https://app.ruzuku.com/courses/87193/enroll

If you care about finding your authentic direction , click the link and start the journey.

To your inner and outer alignment and your greater health,

Dr. Steve

Click the link now and find the joy and clarity that you seek.  https://app.ruzuku.com/courses/87193/enroll

“Dr. Ventola is amazing, and all the self-study classes and group classes I have done in the past with him are well worth the investment of time and money. His material gets to the heart of the matter. Thankful for your contribution in my life!” Sharron D.

$49.00 USD

Your Guide

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Dr. Steve Ventola

After teaching and coaching in the West Orange, N.J. school system, he served as the COMMUNITY HEALTH EDUCATOR, developing and presenting wellness education programs to all ages of the general public. Through his work in health education, Dr. Ventola was drawn to the healing arts, and went on to attend Life University and continues to serve as a wellness chiropractor and health educator. Dr. Ventola is a Certified HeartMath Practitioner and Certified Stress Trainer by the Wholistic Stress Control Institute of Atlanta. Along with his professional achievements he considers his highest to be what he has learned from his past experience with inflammatory bowel disease and colon cancer. As a result, he has an ongoing interest in developing and sharing information connecting human emotions, beliefs with the health and well-being of the body.

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