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With this topic in mind I will be interviewed this Tuesday September 5th at 5 pm EST on the United Intentions Foundation channel.

I would invite you to tune in during this time or listen later.

The link to listen is https://www.spreaker.com/user/unitedintentions

If you do have time that day and want to listen live you can go to:


or https://www.youtube.com/user/unitedintentions

I look forward to the time. Please share with your world.


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In order to stay healthy we need to assess where our health is trending objectively.

Utilizing objective blood testing and comparing healthy verses clinical results  we can get a good idea what is going on and what is needed for short and long term health.

I am recommending the following testing at least on a yearly basis to stay well:

A Foundational Physiology Blood test that includes  Vitamin D, inflammatory markers such as C- Reactive Protein , Thyroid indicators, and tissue breakdown markers such as creative kinase as well as much more related to your basic physiology.

Heavy Metal Testing that includes a  Hair Analysis and  Urinary Toxic Element Challenge (UTEC)  testing from Doctor’s Data. Heavy metals pervade the environment and can have a lot to do with the condition of our present day health.

Cancer Panels specific to males or females. Since at least on average 1 out of  3 people will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their life it is good to see what markers your body may be trending towards and to do something sooner than later.

Cleveland Heart Panel which is a comprehensive way of assessing what is going on with our heart. Since heart related fatalities are the number one cause of death getting checked is vital.

You may think to yourself  that I really don’t want to see what is going on which is a common thought. I have found that knowing what is going on clarifies the mystery of our health and  helps to set a plan in place to take necessary action to be healthy.   We really can not depend on how we feel or how we look. Getting checked objectively can really save our health for the long term making us productive and more assured of living a quality longer life.

Contact me to set up your testing at 404-316-7081.


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Sunday, Aug 6, 2017, 2:00 PM

Nuts and Berries Health Food Store
4274 Peachtree Rd Ne Brookhaven, GA

4 Members Attending

Master Stress with HeartMathMeets the First Sunday of the month at 2 pm (except on holiday weekends)in the community room at Nuts and Berries Health Food Store.The meetings are intended to foster our individual ability to master stress and in turn allow for a greater health influence to be extended into the world.

Check out this Meetup →

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Staying Well and Maximizing Health after Cancer

I have initiated pilot research regarding an idea I have for an online course to help educate those who have had cancer to understand more how to stay well after having cancer as well as maximizing their health. Since having cancer myself and after learning a lot I have felt a sense of responsibility to help those who have had this experience.

I often sense from individuals that have had cancer that they have trepidation going back to the doctor to be checked wishing that everything shows OK. My interest is to help give these individuals a greater sense of health assurance.

Currently in my pilot research I am offering a complimentary coaching call to  individuals who have had cancer with an interest to know more about staying well and maximizing their health.

If you or if you know of someone who has had cancer would like to participate please have them contact me. 

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There is a great book called “Staying Healthy with the Seasons,” by Elson M. Haas M.D. In it he goes through the seasons as it relates to our experience of well being.

Here are some excerpts from it that helps to capture the essence of springtime that I thought useful to share:

“Spring is here. It’s time to cheer and shine like the sun…”

“You may now feel a new spark and power, and be filled with inspiration and energy to act upon your ideas.”

“This is a good time to take a look at your life and make a new plan. What do you want to clear out as the past in your environment and within yourself—and what do you wish to see happen this year? Take a little time to write a new health/plan, including goals for how you wish to feel and what you would like to do and see happen.”

“Most illnesses are a result excess toxins (physical, mental, and emotional unusable materials) in the body. Healing is the elimination or cleansing of these toxins, and then achieving a balance of intake and output.”

“It is important to clear out the past to create spaces for the future to come into being now. If there is no room for it, the new energy will get all clogged up in the system. When spring arrives, remember, “elimination equals illumination.”

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Next Sunday HeartMath Session

Here is the link to our next Sunday HeartMath session in Atlanta. Even if you live out of town  I would invite you to join the meet-up so you can observe and join in with the discussions posted. I would invite you all near and far. HeartMath can make a healthy difference in our world.



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“Remember coherence building techniques involve putting out a core heart feeling or attitude like love, care, appreciation or non judgement not just heart breathing.”

From Transforming Depression HeartMath Book


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“One of the purposes of HeartMath tools is to help you cultivate more positive emotions in order to gain a more heart intelligent perspective.”

This is from HeartMath’s Transforming Depression book. Today is our local Master Stress with HeartMath Meet-up session here in Atlanta and this is what I have considered as a springboard for our open discussion.

What strikes me about this statement is gaining a more heart intelligent perspective. In chiropractic we use the term innate intelligence which can be related to our own innate wisdom. HeartMath I see tremendous value with in helping individuals come more in touch with an experience of knowing. Knowing as it relates to what is true and what is not. Knowing that gives us an experience of soundness and of being in our natural place. Knowing that gives us a sense of joy simply to be alive.

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With the coming of the spring season you may want to keep the following in mind to enjoy this wonderful time rather than suffering through it.

Instead of getting your inhalers ready or your allergy medications think about how you can best support your body during this time. Some of the best things you can do is addressing stress and your diet to help minimize the allergy triggers and  symptoms.

If you have been reading my posts I have been addressing the stress through most of my posts. I do find the best way to do that is by utilizing the HeartMath tools and technology. Here is a short video to introduce the work to you. https://vimeo.com/194561931.

In regards to the following the more prone you are to allergy symptoms the stricter you will want to be if you would like to enjoy the spring season better.

  • go paleo or at least move in the direction of eating only real food which includes meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds. Organic foods would also be best.  Eat nothing processed. This will reduce the burden of your body’s need to handle the array of chemicals and additives contained in processed food giving your body a better chance to handle the load of seasonal as well as toxic elements already contained in our air.


  • eat more vegetables than anything else this will help to restore your healthy ph which will help to optimize your body’s ability to handle environmental factors like pollen


  • eliminate or at least reduce foods containing  gluten, diary, soy, corn and peanut. These foods many times will trigger our immune systems to basically work harder to keep a balance taking away your body’s ability to handle the spring season influences

Of course there are more things to consider in reference to addressing allergies. For now I thought to share these starting points  to encourage you to set the stage to enjoy this beautiful time.


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