The hour before bed is a golden window, according to Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy in their book, The Gap and The Gain. What you do during this “sweet spot” significantly impacts your sleep, mood, and even your next day’s productivity.

Why Your Pre-Sleep Routine Matters:

  • Sets the Tone: Your pre-sleep habits become ingrained, shaping your long-term approach to life.
  • Sleep Quality & Energy: A good routine improves sleep quality, leading to higher energy and focus the next day.
  • Clarity & Direction: Winding down with a plan fosters a clear and focused mind in the morning.
  • Proactive vs. Reactive: A strong pre-sleep routine makes you proactive, tackling your day with intention, rather than reacting to circumstances.

The Problem with Phones:

Research shows a striking 96.9% of people use smartphones before bed. This blue light disrupts sleep patterns and negatively affects your mindset.

The Power of Gratitude:

Instead of reaching for your phone, grab a journal! Studies reveal writing down three things you’re grateful for daily boosts happiness and sleep quality.

Feeling grateful and making small, positive changes like a gratitude practice before bed are powerful tools for growth and success, as Dr. BJ Fogg emphasizes in his book Tiny Habits.

Take the time to invest in a pre-sleep routine for a worthwhile tomorrow!

For Our Greater Health,
Dr. Steve