Whether you think you worry very little or a lot, it adds up either way. Unfortunately, all the worrying we are doing can easily morph from a healthy, practical form of concern to a preoccupation with a threatening and unpredictable world around us. It can interfere in profound ways with our daily lives – poisoning our outlook on life, affecting our health, and preventing us from resolving actual problems. As a result, worrying can throw us into a negative cycle of unnecessary suffering.

From this Self-Study Course you  will be able to…

  • Identify the seven main reasons why people worry and determine which reason is most active in their life.
  • Recognize the false beliefs people hold around what they think worrying accomplishes for them.
  • Practice using a technique that restructures the distorted thinking that results from a habit of worrying.
  • Evaluate four different methods that can be used to address the problem of worrying and help calm the mind.
  • Share your thoughts and realizations on a group page if you so choose for greater personal and integrative affirmation

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