I enjoyed attending a seminar this past weekend on the topic of Brain Based Chiropractic.

Here are some essentials I took note of that may help you in your health.

  • From a health standpoint, the inability of the brain and nervous system to adapt to and recover from stress is the cause of over 95% of all chronic diseases…
  • When there is an overload of stress on the nervous system… the front part of your brain called the “prefrontal cortex” SHRINKS… and the alert part of the brain called the “amygdala” enlarges. When this happens, the following occurs:
    • Your experience of pain increases
    • Mood changes will occur like getting aggressive in nature where you lose emotional filters
    • Your blood pressure, heart rate, skin temperature, digestion are all negatively altered
    • Your posture takes a hit where your muscles contract (collapse down) and you appear to be weathered.
  • What becomes necessary is to address the stress by restoring the health of the prefontal cortex and settling down our amygdala.

The chiropractic technique I have used called B.E.S.T. (BioenergeticSynchronization Technique) and HeartMath are ways I assist you to do just that.

Along with B.E.S.T. and HeartMath the BrainTap app is an efficient way for you to engage in your own self-care to do just that.

Come in for an office visit and or try out the BrainTap app at home to help bring greater health to your brain and nervous system.

Go here to explore Brain Tap for yourself: https://braintap.com/15-day-gift/#a_aid=2210STVE&a_bid=72e6afc5

Contact me to set up an appointment at 404-316-7081.

For Our Greater Health,
Dr. Steve

P.S. The focus of the seminar was on what it takes to address the causes of dis-ease. Essentially it relates to a nervous system stuck in overdrive and what to do about it.

Here is a short video given at the seminar by the extraordinary Dr. Richard Barwell describing being stuck in “beta” brain wave patterns.