This month, during our CHA-Well-Being Circle, we zeroed in on Brain Health.

The discussions, the insights, the shared experiences – it was an enlightening session.

We reviewed the importance of being mindful of our tech usage. Yes, I know, we live in a digital world, however, our brains need a break from the blue light!

I also thought about the healing power of nature.

You know that feeling of calm that washes over you when you’re out in the open, appreciating the soft fascination of the natural world?

That’s your brain thanking you!

We talked about the importance of a balanced diet and regular movement.

A healthy body equals a healthy brain. And let’s remember sleep – that’s when our brains recharge and rejuvenate.

Mindful practices like HeartMath and BrainTap, reconnecting in relationships, and even the use of filters for drinking water, shower, and bedroom air – these all contribute to Brain Health.

Then there’s my 1:1 Personal Individualized Care. If you’re serious about your brain health, I’d love to guide you on this journey.

Want to dive deeper into Brain Health? Check out this video:


Remember, your brain is a powerful asset. Let’s treat it with care.

For Our Greater Health,
Dr. Steve