“… consider the seasons of the year
and what effect each of them produces”


As we enter the late summer time, it is known to be a season of itself. “The late, or Indian, summer, is the time of transition in nature and of adjustment in our lives. It marks the shift from the outward expression of spring and summer to the inward focus of autumn and winter.”

from Staying Healthy, With the Seasons  by Elson M. Haas, M.D.

Thought it good to consider with you all, this time of year and the transition we may sense consciously.

During this time we may have feelings of uneasiness as our phase in the year is transitioning.

As we recognize this as a shift point for greater possibilities at hand, let’s give thanks for what we see that has transpired this past spring and previous summer that is of an encouraging nature, as well as letting go of what doesn’t matter anymore.

As we position the attitude in our heart accordingly, it sets a stage to allow for greater things to be realized and actualized in our lives.

Let’s keep our heart’s and mind’s accordingly open to the Promise Of Life that can dawn and be known in our experience.

For here is, our greater sense of well-being.

Dr. Steve