Presentation Testimonials

“You are doing a great job with this course! People will really benefit much more from stress management than I first thought!”

– Paul S.

“Taking the time to straighten up and breathe has been a great reminder.”

– Debbie O.

“What was very useful was the way you integrated HeartMath with the things you know about nutrition.”

– Deborah R.

“Wonderful!! Early this morning I prayed for something beautiful for myself. My mind went to different directions, but God knew what present I was needing…Your Class.”

THANK GOD, thank you,
Ruth D.

“Thank you for your excellent presentation yesterday. You certainly engaged the seniors and helped them see that their thinking process has an impact on their health. This message has much potential for changing the negativity that they sometimes experience. Your wonderful book also was a hit with the seniors. I wish you great success with it.”

Linda L.  
Adopt A GrandParent  Founder

“Dr. Ventola,

Your presentation to my Psychology classes has been of extraordinary value.  You have a very wholistic approach to health and well-being on many levels,

The chart you have developed reinforce basic premises as well as make it easier to remember and actually put the concepts to use. These helped the students to see the importance of balance in their lives as well as how easy it could be to follow the ideas. I am very grateful for your time and effort and the enrichment it brought the students.

– Linda
Psychology Instructor

You gave us an excellent presentation and you had the full attention of the people. The feedback was very positive. Because of the positive direction the series is going. I am sure we will have others to follow. We had more at your presentation than we did at the one last week.”

Thanks for a great job,
Decatur First United Methodist Church

“This workshop was actually helpful; I plan to make good use of the information I gained. I like the way you present your information. Easy and comfortable.”

Lanier Technical Institute Student