I am thinking about starting an online “For Our Greater Health Group Program.” It is for wellness-oriented people like you challenged by the maladies and stress the world is facing these days and instead want to create more well-being personally and for all of us!


The three main benefits from this program are:

  1. You will feel more capable of addressing your maladies and stress in a healthy way enhancing your perspective and experience of peace. 
  2. You will feel more in control of your personal healing and health giving you a greater sense of Health Assurance. 
  3. You will receive specific ideas and strategies for elevating your health as well as those around you in a light-hearted, supportive, and enlightening way.


Our personal health magnifies through a shared experience with others.

REPLY if this sounds inspiring to you and someone you may know.

“For our greater Health,”

-Dr. Steve