Welcome to the coaching program on Transforming Self-Sabotage and Actualizing Your Potential. In this program, you are going to gain new knowledge and skills to stop undermining yourself as a result of listening to what can be called the “Cynic Within.”.

 During the program you will…

  • Identify the qualities and intent of your inner, self-sabotaging voice.
  • Recognize the four main tactics your inner, self-sabotaging voice will use to keep you stuck.
  • Become more aware of how to stop the effects of your inner, self-sabotaging voice so that you are less impacted by its influence and freer to move forward in your life.

It’s time to begin your journey into Transforming Self-Sabotage.

ENROLL Here: For Community Based Study (This course structure facilitates learning and transformation by allowing for participant discussion and fellow support.)

ENROLL Here: For Study on Your Own  

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