Conscious Healthy Aging

Vitality Group Membership Program

Well-Being Circle

Are you aging confidently, or are you buying into an “Old Age Mentality”?

Your mission should you choose to accept it—is to stop the “getting old,” mentality and embrace aging with confidence.

Did you know that the word, “AGING” comes from an ancient translation meaning “VITAL FORCE”?

This group program will help you to reframe your idea of aging for you to have an ongoing natural experience of vital force rather than withering into old age.

As a member you will have access to the following outlined Conscious Healthy Aging Core Content to help acclimate you to our live sessions.

The following are the core lessons of the program:

  • Module 1 Big Picture Overview of Conscious Healthy Aging

  • Module 2 Articulating Your Reason for Being

  • Module 3 Finding Alignment with Your Reason for Being

  • Module 4 Consciously Caring for Your Physical Body

  • Module 5 Playing Your Vital Integrated Part

  • Module 6 Bringing it all Together for Your Conscious Healthy Aging

What does the Membership platform include?

Conscious Healthy Aging Core Content so you can acclimate to staying well as you age.

Essentials for Well-Being Core Content so you can affirm the essentials of well-being.

Past and Ongoing content to continue in the way of staying well as you age.

Monthly Live Interactive Sessions to elevate your well-being experience of BELONGING.

Communication Platform to interrelate and support one another between live sessions.

How do you enroll in the program?

Enroll Here:

What is the investment?

As a Charter Member participate at $11 per month for as long as you are enrolled in this program.


If you find the platform is just not for you can easily unsubscribe and your financial participation will be discontinued from that point.

Meet Your Mentor 

Dr. Ventola has served as a Wellness Chiropractor for over 35 years and has an ongoing interest in developing and sharing information connecting human emotions, beliefs with the health and well-being of the body. The essence of his work is to enhance the Conscious Health of Individuals and Collectively, our world.


“I agree that this course has unleashed something new into the world. We all responded wholeheartedly to it.” Robert K.

“Dr. Ventola is amazing, and all the self-study classes and group classes I have done in the past with him are well worth the investment of time and money. His material gets to the heart of the matter. Thankful for your contribution in my life!” Sharron D.

“Steve. There is a Great Promise in this work you are doing.” David B. 

“The sessions have proven invaluable on many levels. I needed this course and can see how it might be valuable to others who are aging as well.

Thank you, Dr. Steve, for recognizing the need for a course on Conscious Health Aging and then creating and facilitating it!!” Deborah R. 

“Thank you, Steve, for your vision and talent in putting this transformative experience together!” Robert M. 

Why is this program for you?

If you are interested in staying well as you age so you can participate in life as long as functionally possible this program is for you.

Enroll Here: