I appreciate you reading and considering my writings week after week. It has been a pleasure to have you all in mind as I compose them.

Here is a note I received recently:

“Good Morning, Dr Steve! You have become a prolific writer and your experiences with your health and LIFE have truly given you a gift of sharing how to improve ones’ health! I am not one for reading most emails as I find them to be sales pitches without having substance. This most recent email is well written and even if you are offering a service, you do so in a way that entices one to want to take hold of their health and to learn more about themselves (if they are smart:) 

I appreciate you and your practice offerings and am sure others do as well! Your newsletter shows your heart felt interest in assisting those that are interested in a better way of living!

Thanks for all you do! My Best Les”

I deeply appreciated these words for they touched my heart in acknowledging in a greater way my desire to serve my world.

As I have been discerning my voice accordingly it has been very fulfilling to receive into my conscious awareness how I can best offer something of value to you through these written correspondences and my practice offerings.

And this very much relates to what I shared last week introducing the idea I have had about starting an online group forum with the focus being, “For Our Greater Health.”

I have it in mind for this grouping to be especially oriented for those of you who are aging desiring to stay well for the long term. If you have an interest and if you have suggestions of what you would want to know in this regard let me know. I would be glad to hear your thoughts.

I trust as I move along offering what I can into our world it may inspire you to do likewise all for our greater health.

Dr. Steve