I have been reading a book written by David Brooks entitled, The Second Mountain.

In it he depicts two phases (mountains) in our lives. The first mountain is a time when we are striving for success, recognition, and money.

The second mountain is a time when we give our attention to what really matters. A time where we place the focus of our attention on what brings internal and external congruence. A time where initial awe-inspiring moments we may have come to light called ‘Annunciation Moments.’

The following are some highlights from the book, related to such moments:

“…Annunciation moments are aesthetic.. going about life in its normal course, and then suddenly beauty strikes. Some sight or experience renders us dumb with wonder…“

“The Greek word for “beauty” was kalon, which is related to the word, “call.” Beauty incites a desire to explore something and live within it.”    

“One day, when he was four or five, Albert Einstein had to stay home sick. His father bought him a compass. The sight of it, with the magnetic needle swinging about under the influence of a hidden force field, made him tremble.

“I can still remember—at least I believe I can remember—that this experience made a deep and lasting impression on me. Something deeply hidden had to be behind things,” he later wrote.

He became obsessed with hidden forces, magnetic fields, gravity, inertia, acceleration. As one biographer put it, “Music, Nature and God became intermingled in him in a complex of feeling, a moral unity, the trace of which never vanished.”  

As I consider the annunciation moments I have had I hope it inspires you do the same.

Regarding the Second Mountain, remembering and acknowledging these moments serve to bring us back to what deeply matters to us. A greater inner and outer congruence is experienced, which enhances our health mentally, physically and emotionally.

Whatever way you consider what I have shared and are prompted accordingly I would invite you to consider my newly published course, “What Matters Most—Your Compass in Life” to help you find greater internal congruence for yourself.

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For Our Greater Health,

Dr. Steve